Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where the heck are the Gadgets?

After several frustrating hours yesterday, I gave up on doing anything else to this Blog page.I went and looked around and saw some tutorials, blah, blah, blah.... They all show a stupid layout tab that has never showed up anywhere that I have noticed it. It took is as a sign from higher up, that , it was perhaps time to hang it up for the day. So I did-grudgingly. And came back first thing this morning, hoping that tab had magically appeared over night. Ahhhh...that would be no. It did not. I am sure that I will find it eventually, and then laugh at how silly me overlooked that tab when it was right there. Hopefully, that will be before I hit my computer in frustration:)
  I went rummaging this morning with my sister Katie, our friend Claire and Katie's grandson Cam. We did not find much, since there were only 3, but we had a good time and Katie found some toy tools for Cam that he was very excited about! One of the toys was a Home Depot chain saw which makes realistic sawing noises. That got pretty old in a hurry for the 3 adults in the vehicle and Katie may regret purchasing that particular item. She did have to get it because she works at the Home Depot and always tries to support her company.
  There is a fabulous sounding barn sale tomorrow morning that I am getting up early for. I will let you know if it holds up to its promise. We are always very sad when someone advertises-"HUGE SALE! TONS OF STUFF" and you get there and there are 2 tables.
  And there is a really fabulous sounding sale on Saturday, but it is about 1 1/2 hours away and with gas at $3.89 a gallon, I don't think I will do it. Sigh.
  I suppose I will try to figure out the dang gadgets again now that I have procrastinated  till after noon. If you see buttons, you will know that I have been successful.

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