Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1888 Almanac on Etsy

Wednesday! I was going to put up a couple of things today on Etsy and I did...just not the things that I had planned on listing! I got sidetracked with this 1888 Almanac that I have been hoarding away for years. I pull it out and think-yup. Time to sell it and then I start paging through it and reading the articles and I wind up putting it away again because it is too cool. But TODAY, I did it! I got it listed on Etsy and someone else will have the opportunity to love it and keep it. I did scan some of the charts so I could reuse them. The picture above is in 200 dpi res, so feel free to grab it if you can use it.
   My problem is, I love paper. I oooo and ahhhh over newspaper and magazines and letters and old cards. And old damaged stuff....I have a real weakness to take the stuff that others would toss out and put it away to keep it safe. That is why my ephemera lots are so perfect for me. I get to play with all my books and papers and pass them on to people who will love them as much as I do. Freeing up  space for me to "adopt" more stuff! Win-Win!Tomorrow I hope to rummage-at least for a while. There is not too much in the area yet. We'll see. Maybe I will find unadvertised stuff. Always an adventure.

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