Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day without coffee

   I have been drinking too much coffee. I only drink half-caff, because otherwise I hover 2 feet off the ground with a caffeine  buzz- but , I drink a couple of  mugs full in the am and then throw the rest on ice and sip it throughout the day. That makes it about 6 cups. With 1/2 and 1/2. And just a touch of flavored creamer. Calories. I am sure, loads of calories. That I really don't need to survive. That I could transfer to something I do need to survive-like a piece of cake!
  What started this thinking about calories is my sister Biz (or Elizabeth if you want to know her real name, but I almost always call her Biz), who works for US Airways worked a flight into Milwaukee late Saturday night. When she got up on Sunday am, she rented a car and drove out to visit. She joined Weight Watchers in September last fall and has dropped 40 lbs! She looks great.
   I, am not a dieter anymore. I was on so many diets throughout my adult life that never did anything except shift the weight around. Now, what I do is cut back whenever I feel like my clothes are too tight. As long as I fit into my duds, I am golden! But.....she dropped 40 lbs. Sigh.
   So, when I got up this morning, I thought-Today, I will start the day without coffee.
   It was a thought. Not really a good thought, but a thought. I forgot that without coffee, I don't feel like I am firing on all cylinders until my body gets used to the no coffee situation.
  Well, I gave it a go, but here it is at 2:30 in the afternoon and I broke down and hit my emergency refrigerated coffee and made a large, icy glass full. Ahhhhhh. I really do L.O.V.E coffee. I love the aroma and the ambiance. I think that instead of quitting, I will slowly cut back. That sounds a little more reasonable to me.
    Have a lovely afternoon, with or without coffee!

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