Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sarahs Attic Stuff Blog-Yup!

Well folks-here goes! Hi there! I am Sarah!
I grew up with a mother who was super duper creative! She would look at anything and say-"We can make this!" and off she would go on another project! And sure as shoot! We could make just about anything!
We all lived with my Grandparents in a huge bungalow with a barn and they let her open an antique shop in the basement, which over the years expanded out into the barn. There were 10 of us kids and we all helped with everything-cooking, cleaning, running the shop, refinishing furniture, loading and unloading, setting up shows, tearing down shows. Mom ran the shop and Kurt was an over the road salesman , who brought home a reliable paycheck and had benefits-such as insurance, which was pretty handy considering! Life was always interesting and we had a lot of fun!
  When Mom had a stroke in 2001, I moved home and cared for her until she passed. I almost wept at the sheer magnitude of stuff that she still had when I moved in-yikes! It was a lot of stuff and most of it had to go away! We had gotten Mom a Web-TV a few years before, and she ran things on ebay and just loved the internet. So, I just stepped up our ebay efforts and started moving it all on! Ebay used to be pretty much fun to sell on. But, recently, they have been making more and more changes and do not give you any choices, so, maybe it is time to wind down my bigmamasgirls and more it over to Etsy! That is what I am doing.
  My Etsy shop is Sarah's Attic Stuff -named thus because almost everything I have to sell, was in someone's attic at some point in its life cycle.
  Hopefully you will stop in and see what is cooking-literally and figuratively- This blog is going to be fun! With a little of this and a little of that! Hope to see you again.

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