Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have a full screen!

I realized yesterday, when I turned on my new computer for the first time, just how computerly handicapped I have been for the last few months. My screen was half gone, so everything on the left side...I could not see. That is why I couldn't find the @?!*# buttons for this blog! My sister Martha laughed at me, when I finally realized that,DUH! They were there, I just couldn't see them.
  It was a beautiful day, so I went outside to weed. The My brother Dave came over  in the afternoon-(which is good because I can hardly move today and I would be even stiffer if I had kept gardening for 2 more hours!)He helped me move stuff over to my new machine. I love this computer! It is beautiful! I think it really likes me too! Which is good because I usually spend a lot of time on my computer!
   I spent some time on pintrest this morning and found some fabulous stuff! I'll put the leg up . It is great for steampunk stuff!
Have a great day and don't get blown away by a tornado if you are in the central states!

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